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cheap weddings in vegas. Sure, Las Vegas is fun and marrying in Vegas can be an adventure. But let’s get real. It also costs thousands and thousands of dollars less than a traditional ceremony. What’s more important, anyway? Love or money? You can get married in Vegas for cheap and still have a romantic wedding to remember.
Cheap Las Vegas Wedding Chapel
You know the reputation. Getting married in Vegas is easy. It’s as easy as driving up and saying I do. Literally! Some chapels in Vegas feature “drive up” wedding ceremonies where you can drive up in your own vehicle, or a limousine, and buy wedding services quickly and easily. $40.00 buys you the ceremony; $25.00 will buy you wedding music; buy a commemorative photo for $15.00 along with other memorabilia available on the drive thru “menu.”

You can also order an Elvis impersonator to make an appearance, though he might cost you a bit more. Some chapels are walk-ins and for a slightly higher price they give you more to hold on to. They offer photographs and video footage, webcast capabilities (so you can virtually invite extended family), and other collectibles you can take home with you. Most chapels, even the cheaper ones, offer limousine services and the rental of ceremonial items, like bouquets and boutonnieres. It’s definitely not hard to find a cheap wedding chapel in Las Vegas. The average price will be from $100-$200.00.

cheap las vegas wedding chapel. Cheap Weddings In Las Vegas
Spend a little bit more and you will have a cheap wedding in Las Vegas, instead of just a quick chapel rental. Some services will provide you with the rental of a tuxedo and bridal gown, cake, champagne and other traditional wedding items. More money will give you a reception area and offer more sentimental collectibles. If you stay in a hotel and casino, they may provide you with a full wedding package for an affordable price. The typical figure for a “cheap” but classy wedding package is $200-$500.00.

Reminders About Cheap Weddings In Vegas
Keep in mind all of these expenses are in addition to some flat fees you will be expected to pay before the ceremony. An official marriage license costs $55.00, while a non-Elvis minister will charge about $50.00 to marry you. Take into account your trip to and from Vegas and that adds up to more expense. If money is the real issue then you may want to just rent a discounted but dignified wedding chapel for your ceremony. This is assuming, of course, the honeymoon is already bought and paid for by the in-laws.

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