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 hotel and wedding package in las vegas. Las Vegas is a great place for couples to tie the knot, especially if they are looking for a fantastic ceremony and honeymoon all in one. Travel agents can be utilized to get a hotel and wedding package in Las Vegas, although couples can easily make the arrangements themselves. A Vegas hotel wedding is convenient since hotels oftentimes offer packages including the ceremony, accommodations, travel, and other amenities. Packages are also a good idea financially, as booking all the necessary services together usually results in a nice discount.

Elegant Wedding Packages
There are five and four star hotels peppered up and down the Las Vegas Strip, including the Bellagio, The Mirage, The Venetian, and the Mandalay Bay Resort. These hotels can accommodate an intimate wedding ceremony, or a more extravagant affair complete with a large guest list. A five star resort can offer more than just a honeymoon package with the regular amenities. Look to a five star hotel to provide nice extras such as chocolate covered strawberries and champagne delivered to the honeymoon suite, or spa trips for the bride and groom. These resorts do cost more than less comparable hotels in the area, but even after factoring in the entire package of airfare, ground transportation, honeymoon suite, and wedding ceremony it is unlikely the couple will pay as much as if they had gone with an equivalent ceremony outside of Las Vegas

las vegas wedding with motel package. Thrifty Wedding Packages
Lesser-known, run down motels do actually exist on the Strip, although they aren’t usually in the prime locations tourists favor. Very far north on the Strip or very far south are a few places for the very money-conscious honeymooners and although they don’t offer Las Vegas with motel packages per se, with a little research a couple can definitely fashion a wedding package complete with wedding, transportation, and accommodations. Booking airfare during a deal run by airlines, then staying at a lesser-known motel, then using one of the cheaper freestanding chapels offering free limo service can save tons of money, although the experience may not be as opulent as the couple would have dreamed a Vegas honeymoon would be.

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