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las vegas wedding reception favors. The practice of presenting your guests with small party favors dates back to the 1500s. Courtesy gifts haven’t been forgotten in the 21st century. They have only become more creative. When selecting an appropriate wedding favor for your event, remember to put more thought into the item than expense. Your guests won’t care if the wedding favor is pricey but they will appreciate a unique idea.

Planning A Vegas Wedding Favor
Wedding favors should be simple and thoughtful. Picture frames, potpourri and miniature soaps make good favors. How about candles, or better yet, candles shaped as wedding cakes? Other popular items include wedding stationery, bubble baths, flowers, snow globes and personalized mugs. Novelty items are especially appreciated. Who wouldn’t admire a bottle opener in the shape of a silver-plated slipper? In addition, lottery tickets and bookmarks can work as simple but tasteful favors.

Las Vegas Wedding Reception Favors
las vegas theme wedding favor.
Wedding receptions can have their own favors, whether edible treats or courtesy take-home gifts. Personalized shot glasses can be as low as .62 cents. Reception cameras are appreciated, as are the more traditional gifts of champagne glasses and wine stoppers. Edible favors are the sweetest kind. You could generously provide your guests with candied almonds, gourmet jellybeans, chocolate kisses, mini tea tins and personalized candy bars.

Las Vegas Theme Wedding Favor
A Las Vegas themed wedding favor will likely be the most memorable kind. After all, you are getting married in Las Vegas and your guests will want to remember the Vegas experience for years to come. (Oh and your wedding too) Some very colorful Las Vegas themed favors include dice, casino chips, personalized playing cards, dice cufflinks, and gambling paperweights among many others. The edible kind of favors will stick in your guest’s mouth if not their mind. Chocolate dice, chocolate poker chips, and personalized Vegas-style candy bars seem almost too sweet to be real, but they are and not as expensive as you might think.

While the wedding ceremony is the real attraction, there’s nothing wrong with indulging a little bit and making the wedding reception a fun and quaint affair—the perfect description of Las Vegas itself.

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