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If life is cheap then why are weddings so expensive? That’s why many people choose the amazing sights and sounds of Vegas over a traditional ceremony. Because it’s cheaper!

cheap wedding package in las vegas. Cheap Las Vegas Wedding Package
For starters the happy and economical couple will need $55.00 for a marriage license and $50.00 for a non-Elvis minister to marry them, unless his service is included in a package. Some Vegas chapels offer discounted ceremonies involving just the basics: a minister, music, vows and maybe one photo. The basic chapel services will cost $40-100.00. Some of these chapels are literally drive-up service, meaning you can order marriage ceremonies like fast food.

Throw in a rose presentation for $15.00, wedding music for $25.00, a collection of photographs for $69.00, and a 25.00 champagne bottle to make it a full matrimonial meal. However, a cheap wedding package in Las Vegas usually involves a few more extras.

Some packages, still priced reasonably between $150-300.00, include a limousine service, several photographs and video footage for you to take home, and some other wedding memorabilia whether for keep or to rent. Some packages now include webcast capabilities, meaning your extended family can either watch the ceremony live on the Internet or even download footage of it to save on DVD.

affordable las vegas wedding package. Affordable Las Vegas Wedding Package
Many are looking exclusively for affordable wedding packages, and not cheap ones. Perhaps they have a little money to spend and want to celebrate their wedding with family and friends. Affordable packages can run from $200-$1500.00 depending on your specific requests. Some packages include the rental of a tuxedo and bridal gown along with cake, champagne and other traditional wedding items.

If you are planning on having a reception, there are wedding packages that can accommodate those plans. Outdoor gazebo weddings with reception areas are a popular choice, and if you have a large party attending your wedding, bus arrangements can be made for traveling. For a little more money, theme-wedding packages are available, as well as costumes, specialty cakes and Elvis impersonators can be added to the fun.

A Vegas wedding can be whatever you need it to be: affordable and classy, fun and cheesy, and if necessary, really cheap and to the point. Getting married in Vegas, however, will never be boring and will be an experience to always remember
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